(Tony) Stark Raving Mad

Damn it this is finally relevant!

Damn it this is finally relevant!

Anonymous said: wait what hour-long panel?

After the last episode there’s apparently going to be an hour long panel/talk with the whole cast and the writers :)

Anonymous said: Please. I need some shules to help me deal with the end if psych. Crying.

It’s on it’s way soon, promise! Hugs to you <3


Oh my God, YES! I can’t say yes enough in one post. Just imagine a wall of ‘Yes’ covering your page and you’ll have my answer ha! 

Anonymous said: i hate to be pushy/annoying, but do you have an idea when the kinky fanfic will be posted? love love love all your writing, btw :)

Shouldn’t be a long wait really. I’m a bit busy at the minute getting Uni applications sorted for this year, so it’s like half way done right now. Never worry about being pushy though because if people didn’t ask then I’d never get anything done ha!

Thanks for being so sweet <3

Anonymous said: Will you ever finish Voices in the Night because I miiiiissss youuuuuuuuuuu! Also, will the kinky fanfic be in NAPOS?

Voices is a bit touch and go to be honest. I’ll probably finish it because I don’t want to leave it like that, but it’s finding the time and getting in the right mood to actually write it. I’m a bit up and down at the minute but it’s still on my mind! I haven’t forgotten about it, don’t worry lol.

And yup, the kinky fanfic will be in with NAPOS. It’s much easier to keep all my oneshots in together. 


Listening to ‘S&M’ and now I have a serious urge to write some kinky BDSM Shules. Like a serious serious urge. Like I’ve started it already- that kind of urge. I hope there’s some kind of audience for it because I’ve wanted to do it for a while but never had the will.

Yet here we are. Gettin’ Kin-Kay!

Anonymous said: omg u'r an amazing writer AND artist!!!!! u simply are too fabulous <3

Thank you sweet Anon <3

gusttshowbiz said: Where do you post your fanfics?

Over at Fanfiction.net. Here’s the link :)